Creating and managing events is the core functionality of this application. After logging in, you can click the events button to come to the events overview page. This page will show all the the events they you are currently managing. You can also start creating a new event by clicking create event. After clicking create new event or clicking the configure event buttong, you will the be brought to the event configuration pages. If you click the dashboard button you will be brought to the event dashboard.



After clicking either the create a new event or configure button you will be brought to the event configuration pages. The first page is the event information page. Here you can give a name, event type, sport type, and description. These four items are required. Selecting a sport type will only track that activities entered by users with the same sport. An example would be if the event was cycling, only activites from registered users with the sport type of cycling would be added. Activities are used to calculate pledges and rank users based off of their distance, duration, and donation totals.

The location and date time cards allow you to specify information about where and when the event will be held.


The registration options allows you to specify how users register for your event. You can require them to acknowledge a waiver and/or fill out the address information. Simply check the check box to make these requirements active.

About & Waiver

The about and waiver pages allows you to add custom text and styles to your public event page. After making you changes click save. You can click preview to view how this text will look.

Review & Publish

This page allows you to quickly view all of the details and settings about your event. You can publish and unpublish an event here as well. If an event is unpublished it will not be visible publicly. If it is published all relevant information will be publicly visible.


This is a work in progress and will be updated soon.

Public View

The public view for an event shows the event organization, event name, and description in the header. Below the header and image are displayed the five tabs. The overview tab list the current event stats, the rules tab shows any rules that the event may have, the results show live results for participants, the waiver will list the event waiver that is required upon registration, and the contact tab has a form that allows users to send questions to the event coordinators.