Activities Documentation


Activities allows users to record their sport activities for events. This data can then be used for pledges and donations. It can also be used in events that decide to make it the event a competition for riders. Events can choose the following as ways to have a winner: Most donations, most recorded miles, most recorded days, or most recorded activities. At the moment only manually added activities can be added, but in the future strava integration will be added to automatically have recorded and verified activities.

The activities dashboard shows all previously entered activities. Here you can view, edit, delete, or add activities. Note that you can only add activities when you are part of an event.

Adding Activities

Adding an activity is very straight forward. After logging in, you can either click add an activity on your dashboard, or navigate to the activities dashboard and click add an activty there. After clicking add an activity, you will be brought to the activity form. The form will load with the events sport automatically selected. You can then enter the distance of your activity the duration of your activity. Optional data can be entered below. Data such as a previous date and time, a custom activity name, and any comments about the activity. Once complete you can click save and you will be routed back to the activity dashboard with your activity now listed in the table.

Note that the select a sport drop down is auto populated with the sport of the event you are participating in. If you change this to a sport that is not accepted in your event, it will not be counted in the events official tally. Also note that the max distance that can be entere is 150. Any distance over 50 miles per activity will be flagged for an event administrator to review. This is to help prevent bad data from being entered. An event administrator may request validation of large distances or durations.