Profile Information

By clicking the profile button, you will be brought to your profile landing page. Here you can customize information about your account.


The first section is your profile information. Your email, first name, and last name are required fields while phone number and the address fields are not required. Not that sometimes events may require address information and other contact information. By filling out these fields you can expidite the registration process.

By default all profiles are private, but you can check the public check box to make your profile public. Having a public profile will allow people to easily find your profile on the donations page and pledge donations to you and the events you participate in.


The email section allows you to change your email address if needed.


The password section allows you to change your password. You must first enter your previous password, and then enter your new password. After confirming your password, you can click the update button to save the changes. On your next login, your new password will be required.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is highly recommended. This allows you to make your account more secure by using a two factor authenticator app to login. Click the configure two factor authentication button and follow the steps to setup your account. Once completed, when you login next you will be required to use your authenticator app to login.

Personal Data

The personal data section lets your download data collected on your account for the application. Note that you can delete your account here as well. However, this is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard allows you to have a quick glance at what events you are participating in, any teams you are apart of, and your latest recorded activities. If you are not apart of an event, you click browse events to find an event to join. Once you join an event it will be displayed under your events.

If you wish to be apart of a team you can browse teams to find one to join. If you want to create your own team, you can click the create team button and you will be navigated to the team configurator. Any teams you are apart of will show up under your teams.

Any activities you add will be listed under the your latest activities. Note that you cannot add activities unless you are apart of an event.


If you are apart of an event that requires activity recording, you can add activities here. All past activities will be listed here. You can view and edit past events. Note that changing an activity after an event has accepted it will not change the events accepted activity. This prevents fraudulent activities from being added or modified after the fact. If you are making a legitimate change, contact the event adminstrator to get your activity reapproved.


Your teams dashboard will show any teams that you are an administrator of. Here you can create, configure, or view a team that your are part of. Note that only team owners can delete a team.


If you are an event administator, you can see all of your events here. Here you can create, configure, or view events. Note that only an event owner can delete an event.


The donations dashboard allows you to keep track of any donations that have been made through you. You as a participant are the intermediary between the event for donations or sponsorships made to you. At the end of an event all donations will be requested from the event.

If you are collecting cash donations or pledges, you can record them here manually as well. If you do not want to manually enter sponsor data you can share your shareable link to anyone you want. They can then make the donation or pledge via your link.